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What does Google My Business do?

Your Business Needs to be on Google My Business We make sure that your business is there when people are looking for you and what you do on Google On Google Maps and Google Search. We will help you manage your…
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The Google+- Google Local Divorce Mop Up

Great article from trusted source Mike Blumenthal.   G+ – GOOGLE LOCAL DIVORCE MOP UP – WHO GOT THE KIDS? NOT SURE BUT THE ORPHANS HAVE BEEN NUKED   MARCH 17, 2018 MIKE BLUMENTHAL 22 COMMENTS The estrangement and ugly divorce…
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How to rank higher in image search

How to rank higher in image search In Summary In synopsis, here's how you can optimise your pictures to rank higher in search results: Reduce the weight of your images using Google's free Image Optimiser tool Pick a significant filename…
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